Abroad studies profiling and application process across 22 + countries

Predict your admission chances across 15000+ top universities across 22+ countries in 15 Minutes

Find out the most suitable career path and course for abroad studies based on 5 dimensional career assessment. Find career analysis across 3000 + occupations and select the most suitable career path

  • Abroad studies application profiling for top colleges and countries selection.
  • Generate 10+ pages career and college milestones report.

Real time admission prediction across 20k+ top universities across globe. Select the perfect college match.

  • Application submission to top universities
  • Strong file management for better chances to get a seat in top universities
  • Visa coordination
  • SOP Support
  • University coordination
  • Scholarships

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About the Company


Its your lounge for making your overseas education dream a reality.

            It s a place where all your study abroad queries are answered. The lounge is officially your first pit stop before your flight to your study destination abroad.

            At the lounge we not only answer your queries but also take care of all your overseas education requirement. Be it recommending or shortlisting of universities; be it building or enhancing your profile; be it application to universities or  be it visa, we even take care of your forex and loan requirements. Once you are at the lounge you just need to relax and let our experts guide you through the entire process.

            Our dedicated team is passionate in its outlook for students aspiring to study abroad as many of them have studied abroad themselves and have had a first hand experience. It is this personal experience and experience of mentoring many students that is brought forward to student at the  Lounge. It is through this informal and personalised interaction we come to know about the students strengths and aspirations, coupled with the academics we are able to guide the student to their best possible options.

            At the lounge our motivation is the students success; our pride is that one phone call from the student at the “Graduation Day”.





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